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a really good foundation to hide red cheeks?
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My skin turns extremely red whenever I'm in a room with a lot of people since the room gets stuffy or in a warm room, when I'm embarrassed, or when  I get nervous.  Sometimes, I feel normal, but when I go to the bathroom, I see that my face is super red.

I have really light skin(I'm asian) so it's very noticeable. 


The reason why my skin has become so sensitive is because I am using retin-a topical cream for my ance.  I can't stop using it or else my acne will come back according to my doctor.  I also told my doctor about this problem, but she just told me to apply less on my face, which isn't helping.


Will foundation help to cover up my cheeks from being red?  If so, what is a good one to use at a reasonable price and that will look natural and not cakey?  My skin is clear and oily if that helps. 


I also heard that green makeup would work? 


I have been using a drug brand mineral powder my Neutrogena, but that isn't working obviously.


Thanks for your help!  As you can see, I don't know much about makeup. 

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I 100% agree with prettying.. I would recommend trying it out in the Sephora Store first and if you don't like it, Clinque also offers an Acne Foundation and while its mainly used to hide acne, it also hides redness very well.

Hope this helps!

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