Which highlighter should I use?

What brand of highlighter is the best? Also, could you please explain how to use it? Thanks!

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you can try MAC MSF in Soft and Gentle or Dior Amber Diamond Shimmer Star they both work amazing, higlighters are used to excentuate certain parts of your face such as the highest part of your cheekbones and also the middle of your t-zone and the tip of your nose and the inner corners of your eyes  and your chin, and last the top of your lips (that little v shaped part) make sure you dont over do it you dont                                 want your face to seem oily

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Thank you!!
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ok, I am very new to highlighters and well quite frankly have used the same make up for YEARS and have only recently started experimenting with nicer brands and new makeup ie....smash box bb cream is a new fave. I must say I am a little confused with highlighter placement and then blush placement. I see that the highlighter goes at "the highest part of your cheekbone" and I have seen blush goes on the "apple of the cheek" I know that I am probably making it more complicated than it should be but aren't these the same place?? Or does the highlighter go just above?? And, I am guess BLEND, BLEND, BLEND right?
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