Which foundation: MUFE HD or MUFE Matte?

Which foundation: MUFE HD or MUFE Matte? I have scarring and and redness... Before I reup o another $40 HD foundation can you tell me if the Matte will give the same effect? I have to use a real light concealer to tone it down "lift concealer" by MUFE even tho I use the lightest shade...????

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I have tried both, if you want more coverage, the Mat Velvet + is definitely the one for you. If you are unsure, ask the SA at the store to make you a little sample of both that you can try at home and see which you like better. Samples are free and then you will feel confident that you made the correct choice.

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You definitely want to go with Mat Velvet +. I was also in your situation, stuck between the two. So I had a sales associate put both on my face, HD on one side, Mat Velvet on the other. Mat Velvet has coverage, as HD does not. I suggest you could do the same as I did so you can see for yourself, but who knows, you might end up liking the HD better. Hope this helps!

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I would agree with everyone. I have acne scars and I use the Make Up Forever Matte Velvet because,  it gives me more coverage than the HD Invisible Cover Foundation. I think you should also try using the Make Up Forever Full Cover Concealer to cover dark spots/scars. A little bit goes a long way and it looks very natural on the skin.


Full Cover Concealer

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I'm unsure but I think matte has more coverage than HD does.

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I have heard that the HD only looks good if your skin is really nice, it has quite sheer coverage.  I would recommend the Matte, Tiffany D has a review of both on youtube.

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