Which bronzer is the best?
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I have fair, normal skin. I use Dior concealer and foundation, but I want something to bring a little colour to my pale face. 

Also, while doing my usual makeup routine (primer, concealer, foundation, blush, finishing powder), when and where would I put the bronzer? 

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As for the application of bronzer and what tools to use, take a look at my answer in another thread posted not long ago. I added a handy dandy diagram so you get a visual reference.




Bronzer can be applied in the midst of your blush application, either before or after, your choice.


I'm a personal fan of the Too Faced bronzers as they give a range of finishes and shades to work with. If you want something matte, go for Milk Chocolate, and if you want something with a hint of a satin finish, use Pink Leopard. The tawny champagne tint and bits of pink balance out the bronze aspect so you get a delicate layer of color. Plus you can use the shades individually as eye shadows as well!

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