What's the difference between powder and liquid foundation? Should I use both?

I'm confused about the different types of foundation, powder and liquid? Can you use both at once? I often find when I use liquid my face looks kind of damp, but if I use powder it looks dusty. If I use both, it's just odd. Thoughts? Ideas?

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I would categorize foundations in these groups in order of thickness/coverage:  cream, liquid, mineral, tinted moisturizers, and powder.  There's a difference between powder foundation and mineral foundation.  Many of the mineral makeup feels creamy to touch, and if it looks "dusty", you have too much sitting on top and need to use less and blend more. My new favorite is by Korres, although there are lots out there.  Powder foundations feel more chalky and tend to look like face powder with more pigment.


The cream foundations are much thicker, meant for dry skin really, and all others fall somewhere in between.  I depends on the kind of skin you have and how much coverage you want.  Try to find products that are paraben-free, parabens are preservatives that are commonly used and have concerning health implications we're just starting to learn about.


Happy shopping!

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I like liquid foundation, I think that powder foundation gets stuck on the hairs on your face and makes them noticable.  That being said, you can get a translucent powder to set your foundation use a huge fluffy brush and tap off any excess, use it only where you get oily, center of the face.  MUFE HD is really nice.




HD Microfinish Powder To GoPowder Pouf Brush

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Usually when people use both liquid and powder foundation, it's because they're using the powder foundation to set their liquid foundation. You don't need to use both, you can feel free to use powder foundation on it's own or do liquid foundation which you set with a powder.


If your powder looks dusty, I think you're not blending it well enough because powder shouldn't make your face look dusty. You said that your liquid foundation makes your face look damp, maybe you should try switching to a different liquid foundation?

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Try using a mattifying primer under your liquid foundation.  I use mister mat by Givenchy under my foundation, and then I set my foundation with the tiniest bit of Makeup forever HD powder. 

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