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What's the best B.B. cream for very oily skin??

Im looking for something with spf 20+ good for very oily skin.  Some coverage, and thats good for acne prone skin.

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I 3rd the Boscia! It's not mattifying, but I find it doesn't really add to my oil. I have excellent results when I pair it with Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer and a light dusting of MUFE HD Microfinish powder on top - just a nice, light, natural look. I have tried Clinique's BB cream as well as Dr. Jart's (both kinds) for several days at a time, and found those got me oily after only a few hours. I kept going back to Boscia, so that's the one I stuck with. Hope this helps!
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hi there- i also have very oily skin and i do use boscia BB Cream. it is oil-free. it hydrates, firms and soothes the skin.



I've tried a few of the Asian brands of BB Cream including Skin79, Skinfood, Etude House, Lioele, and Dr. Bart. So far my favorite has been the Peach Sake BB Cream made by Skinfood. It's a relatively inexpensive product that you can pick up online. The scent is delightful, a fresh, but not overwhelming peach fragrance.


Like the name suggests, it's meant to dull the appearance of pores. My pores aren't very noticable, so I can't confirm that claim. However, my skin is quite oily and find that this product stays put and doesn't drown my face in over-shine. I don't have much acne either, but I haven't broken out using this product. But of course that varies from person to person.


If this sounds interesting to you, I'm sure you can find sample packets purchasable on ebay for a low price, just to try things out. But like I mentioned before, this product is inexpensive, roughtly $13 or so for a full sized pump bottle.


I use Boscia on my oily skin. I really like it.

B.B. Cream SPF 27 PA

I sampled all the possible bc creams sephora had, and Smashbox was the best for me...
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which Boscia is eveyone using? There are 3...

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My problem is that I have combonation/oily skin, amd 43 years old and SPF on my face makes me sweat like a dog.  Is there a BB/CC cream out there WITHOUT SPF?  Thanks!

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Hi there,


I would recommend the SMASHBOX BB CREAM. I have oily/combo skin, with a very oily t-zone. You would not know that with this BB Cream, on. It evens out my skin tone, moisturizes, provides great coverage, and mattifies. Plus great spf. As for acne, I wouldn't know too much. It hasn't caused me to break out, but I don't have acne that needs to be controlled or covered to give my opinion regarding that.


You can ask for a sample at Sephora. They'll make one for you, and you can use that for about a week, before you decide. Which is what I did, before making my purchase.



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