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Anyone who could help me find a foundation for mature oily skin would be AMAZING!!!  My mom uses MAC and it does nothing for her skin, it makes her pores more pronounced, is the wrong shade, and it doesn't matify her skin! I am looking for preferably an OIL FREE liquid or mousse, mattifying, and doesn't exaggerate pores, and if it can lift her skin a smidge (that would be AMAZING)!!  I would also appreciate help in finding a suitable undereye concealer and if possible a finishing powder to seal the deal and not settle in certain areas!  Even suggestions for a suitable primer would be greatly appreciated!!  I'll do some research on my own, but if there are any makeup pros or even better women 45+ w/ oily skin that have used products that worked for them, I would be beyond thrilled if you all answered this post!  I believe WE ALL DESERVE TO LOOK OUR BEST, but ESPECIALLY WOMEN 45+, and I know that women look fabulous at any/every age, color and size,...so PLEASE HELP ME, HELP OTHERS.  And please no mean/rude/inappropriate reply posts.  THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!!  <3

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I got my mother into using Make Up For Ever products. Definitely look into the All Mat primer. What that'll do is remove the shine. I personally love using the Mat Velvet foundation which is obviously a matifying foundation. My mother uses the HD Invisible Cover Foundation which she loves! I'm not a pro, I just have a mom that's 50 and needed to upgrade from Mabyline (it wasn't doing  it's job well!)

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