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What product can I use to prevent my makeup from smudging, melting, or coming off?
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I just started using Kat Von D's foundation, and it works wonderfully on my skin. But, my makeup can easily come off! I could talk on the phone, and afterwards I see my makeup is on it. Changing clothes, sweating, and even at the end of the day sometimes my eyes will burn, probably from my makeup, because I have combination skin and it gets more oily more towards the afternoon. I love the foundation though, so can someone please help me? Can you also advise a good eyeliner, bright pink blush, and mascara that's smudge/melt proof for my skin? Thanks a bunches! (I'm new to this makeup thing)

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Start off with a primer!


Primers prep the skin for a flawless make up application, allows make up to lay better, last longer, and prevents skin issues like sweat, oil, dry areas, pores, fine lines, and wrinkles from disrupting wear.


Determine what skin type you have and what preference you have for texture.


Silicone/Dimethicone primers have a silky, slippery texture, about a pea-sized amount is good for the face (minus the lids) and is best for normal/combo skin types. Certain formulas can also work for oily skin such as Benefit's Porefessional. The silky texture smoothes over enlarged pores and problem areas and also helps to mattify the skin. Benefit's Porefessional can also be tapped onto oily/shiny spots after make up to absorb oil throughout the day rather than layering on a powder. Smashbox Photo Finish Primers are also in this category (minus their oil free formula), as well as Too Faced's Primed and Poreless (minus their formula made for oily skin).


For dry skin, try a cream based formula, which helps to prime and add moisture to skin. These formulas feel like lotions, a brightening cream formula would be Benefit's That Gal.


Water based primers work for oily skin or sensitive skin. The formula feels like a watery gel and absorbs into skin quicly so you're not left feeling like you have to wait for product to sink in or that you have another layer on your skin in addition to make up. The water formulas penetrate through the oil to smooth the look of skin, Lorac and Tarte both make water based formulas, as well as Napoloeon Perdis, which has a formula also with skin soothing botanticals.


After you pick a formula, start off with a pea sized amount and apply it to your face with your fingers, apply to everywhere minus the lids.


Then apply your foundation/concealer as is.


Try using a finishing powder to set and absorb any excess moisture your make up or skin may have produced. I'm a fan of HD setting powders like MUFE, Too Faced, and Urban Decay. The trick is to use just a very fine amount, using a fan brush to slightly sweep or roll the product onto the skin so it lays on top of the skin rather than buff it onto the skin like a traditional powder. HD powders are rich in silica and dimethicone so they help to bend and warp light around skin imperfections to give a flawless finish, especially in photos. Again, be weary and don't use too much, you merely have to Google "HD powder mistakes" and a load of celebrity photos will come up of skin looking chalky, but this is avoided with proper tools and techniques. For something light and pressed, go for a translucent powder rather than a tinted one. If you choose one with color and continually use it, the oils in your skin can mix with the powder and over the course of the day oxidize and look darker by the end of the day. Try Urban Decay's DeSlick powder or Too Faced's Adsolutely Invisible for a much better option.


Blotting papers can work as well, but be careful not to press too hard as you don't want to "lift" your make up off.


For eyeliner, I love these following for types:


Liquid-Smashbox liquid pen, great felt tip that doesn't warp but is still workable enough to play with shape. Urban Decay, a fine point brush for precise application, both formulas are waterproof.


Pencil: Urban Decay or MUFE, both are long wearing and waterproof and come in a rainbow of shades!


Cream/Gel: Studio Gear Invincible Gel liner (Ulta/Macy's/Dillards), super long wearing, very fluid and smooth formula.


For blush, how bright of a pink do you want? Are we talking bright hot pink? Fuschia? Or a bright, light pink? Tarte makes some beautiful long wearing blushes, they are buildable in color so it allows you flexibility options, another brand with a bright pink blush is Amazing Cosmetics, their's is a matte formula. Smashbox also has a bright fuschia shade. And as always MUFE doesn't disappoint with brights! For something with a hint of shimmer, try Benefit's Bella Bamba.


Stick with powders that are high in pigment for long wear, if you do a cream formula, try layering a powder with a similar shade over.


For mascara, try a long wear formula rather than a waterproof if you can. Waterproof can generally be harder wearing and not as conditioning though formulas have come a long way. If you MUST go waterproof I suggest Urban Decay's Cannon Ball, I would layer this as a waterproof "shell" over my usual mascara and it's wonderful! I hopped in the shower, stuck my face under water, rubbed my eyes with my fingers and towel and not a stitch came off. For long wearing, try Fairy Drops Scandal Queen, it's a curling, hydrating, and tubing formula so you don't have to worry about spidery lashes. I wear contacts and this stuff holds up when I have watery eyes or have to add solution to dry peepers.


I live in Houston, where so far this summer it's been way into the 90s everyday with an actual feel of up to the 120s! So trust me when I say I can stick by these brands.


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