What is the most natural looking concealer that can cover the blemishes and last for the whole day?
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Because im a guy and i don't want anyone to know that i wear makeup, i want know which concealer gives you the most natural looking and can cover the blemishes without wearing foundation. Right Now, im using the Make Up forever HD concealer and it doesn't last for the entire day. 


And Should i get the HD powder? because last time i went to the store, i tried it on and it kind of made my make up last longer and look more natural. I don't know if it's just me.


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you should try a bare minerals concealer

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A good blemish concealer will have a thick, dry(ish) consistency. If you like Make Up For Ever, try the Full Cover concealer instead -- it's super thick and highly pigmented, so you only need a tiny amount...and the formula is thick and on the dry side. It can cover tattoos, scars, etc., but it's safe for use on your face! If you can, go to the store for shade matching. I have the palest skin in the world, but #1 was too light and I had to go with #3.


I love the HD powder and I think you're right about it. To me, it leaves a perfectly matte finishing touch. If you're not sure about it, get the smaller size for $15 -- you're not really losing any value since you'll get 0.17 oz, and the $30 version is 0.35 oz. (Sometimes you're better off buying the larger size because it's a way better deal, but this is not the case.)


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