What is the best light coverage and breathable foundation?
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Both high-end and drugstore suggestions wouuld be nice.  This might be odd, but I don't like my foundation to have SPF in it so please only suggest foundations without SPF.

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I have the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Definition Makeup, and I would definitely say it lives up to its name. It's feels like you're not wearing anything, and it has a light coverage just enough to even out skin tone. Although it's pricey, I think it's worth at least trying, especially since you can return it if you're not satisfied. But be aware that it separates in the bottle, so everytime you use it, make sure to shake the bottle prior to applying it. I really haven't tried many drugstore foundations, but a good mineral powder one would be L'Oreal Bare Naturale gentle mineral makeup. For the price, it's great quality; very similar to BareMinerals. Although, I must warn you, it contains SPF. But since you're looking for something lightweight anyway, I would suggest looking into the powders as opposed to liquid,even though it's said to not last as long. (Try primer to aviod that!)  I hope I helped!  Smiley Happy

P.S. ~ I felt that I should tell you my skin type, since what works for me may not work for you. I have pretty light skin with pinkish-beige undertones, but it's very sensitive. It's dry to combination, but also gets oily sometimes, especially on my nose. 

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