What is the BEST foundation primer for oily, acne prone skin?
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I have oily, acne prone skin; but I want to find the BEST foundation primer?  I Loved Laura Mercier's oil free foundation primer, but I do feel that it lacks the amazing consistency of Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Light!!  Most likey I'll just alternate between the 2 as I have been doing (LMOFFP s/s and SPFPL f/w) But if there is a better primer out there for my troubled skin- i would LOVE to be directed to a primer that has the quaities that i'm looking for.  I tried one from the dr. brandt line and it made my acne worse (so he's out).  Thanks guys!!  :smileywink:  

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I would go ahead and try CoverFX.

I used Tarte's ClearSlate but after a few weeks of using it, it would barely keep my oily face under control D:

Almost immediately after applying it my t-zone shone out!

So I purchased CoverFX Clearprep FX Matte Foundation Primer and Anti-Acne Treatment

It doesn't keep me completely oil-free after an 8 hr work day, but for the most part it does a great job. Nothing a quick pat of face powder can easily fix afterwards! Can't hurt to ask for a sample:smileyhappy:
Good luck!

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Hello! Just a bit of background info... I have combo acne prone skin. My concerns are skintone uneveness and oilyness. I used to swear by Smashbox's photofinish primer. I used the green one due to redness caused by acne. Anyways, I switched up last summer to Tarte's Clean Slate primer. It is amazing! It kept my makeup in place (including the hot summer days in Los Angeles!) ALL day and kept my oilyness under control. It has the same consistency as Smashbox. For a natural product its incredible. I have to admit that its my absolute favorite primer. It hasn't caused me to break out or anything. It feels silky and just melts into your skin. Which aids in a smoother application of foundation over it. I'd highly recommend that you give Tarte a try! :smileyvery-happy:

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I have tried everything in the book, I have the smashbox clear primer right now, and while it makes your skin soft, it barely keeps the shine away for more than 5 minutes if it's quite hot out. The Too-Faced primed and poreless primer, doesn't prime or make you show any less pores than before, don't waste the money on either. I found that the urban decay primer has worked wonders, I got a sample of it, and I also deal with oily skin that is hard to keep calm, and honestly where my t-zone normally needs to be powdered several times a day to keep it matte, I would go to do it, and be amazed of how it still held up! Honestly best thing for you money. This actually does what it says it should, keeps us "oily-skinners" matte and happy all day :smileyvery-happy:. you should pick that one up.

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Cover FX has a primer for acne skin. It's call Clear Pre, It is amazing.  Not only will it prep your skin for your foundadion, it will also help clear the acne.

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