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What is best face primer and foundation for oily skin?
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I need to find a good face primer and foundation because I am starting to branch away from MAC foundation. Anyone have suggestions for oily and acne prone skin?

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Givinchy's Mister Matte primer is amazing, witha matte finish, controlling shine and oil and helping your foundation last. for me, Mister Matte made my foundation last for 7 hours, while my foundation usuly satys on for only about 6 hours!! also, the foundation that i would highly reacomend is the Shesaido The MakeUp Dual Balenceing Foundation, amazing semi matte nateral finish, exelent coverage and amazing shades, put together with my Givinchy Mister Matte primer and it works absolute wonders for my oily, acne prone skin into nateral looking flawless skin.

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