What is Sephoras sample policy?

So, I've always used 'drug store' makeup, and I am slowly integrating quality make up. It's overwhelmingly expensive when you are starting from scratch, and I am so reluctant to plop down 30 dollars a pop for something I may or may not like. I've made a list of things I really want to try. Is there any use in stopping by the store and seeing if they have any samples? I definitely don't want to be cheap or trashy, but I'd like to know what I want first!

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At any Full Size Sephora, you can try out any product you like thru testers and get samples, however, it depends on the store in terms of how many samples they can make or give to you (if it's a ready-made sample). Also, some stores can make samples of every item in-store whereas some locations only create samples of liquids and gel type products. Just a tip- in order to get the best service, don't go on a weekend. If you go on a weekday or early to the store, you'll have an easier time getting a castmember to help you out. Plus, since the rest of the store isn't as busy, they'll be more willing to help you out.


I don't know the policy at all SiJCP's but, you can swatch and try out testers of any products they have on the shelves. Some locations only give you ready-made samples, other locations refuse to create samples. It really depends on the location.


Also, since you mentioned that you're a recent convert to better quality makeup, I highly suggest that you start out with getting yourself a great foundation. Seriously, it makes all the difference in the world! It's the absolute one essential beauty item to spend money on. Woman Happy

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