What are some uses for make up for ever star powder.

What are the uses for Makeup forever star powder?


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Hi Spinosa,


I am a huge fan of Star PowderSmiley Happy. There are tons of different ways of using it. You can wear it by itself on your eyes, to give a sheen reflection. I love to pop it right on top of my eyeshadow, in the center to give a highlight, below the brows and even apply some right in the inner corner of the eye. You can also mix it with your blush, it will give a gorgeous touch of highlight right along the high's of your cheekbone. My favorite thing to do with Star powder is to mix it either with my foundation or moisturizer. It immediately gives the skin a healthy glow. This works really well with anyone, especially if you have dry skin, it will give you a dewy finish. Hope you get a chance to try it onSmiley Happy.




Sara B

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