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Weird eyelids

I have an issue with my weird eyelids. I'm 24 and have always had these lines on my eyelids. I have double eyelids, but I have these... I'm not sure I should call them wrinkles because I don't have wrinkles yet, but I've had these lines since I was born. I attached a picture so you'd get an idea. I don't mind them at all, but sometimes if I'm wearing makeup for a few hours, the makeup will start to come off just from those lines. 


I always carefully apply Urban Decay Primer Potion Sin or MAC Prep & Prime Eye before my eyeshadow, but it still doesn't work... no matter how careful, how much or how little I apply of it and regardless of the type of eyeshadows I use.


Is there anything I can do to keep my eye makeup on longer without it coming off on the lines?


I mean, it's not a big deal. It's actually not very noticeable, but it kinda irks me sometimes. Any ideas? 





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Normal skin folds, my dear!  (I have a similar problem underneath my eye, which makes concealer super annoying.  It's in my baby pictures, and I've learned to live with it.)  Couple of tips...

1.  If the skin is rubbing against other skin, you're more likely to have any product you use wear off, as well as have uneven application over the area.  No big deal... Just something to be aware of when you're applying your makeup.  You probably need to (very, very gently) lift the skin (or raise your eyebrows), apply your primer with a brush in a light tapping motion over the area, let it dry, then release before moving on to the next step.  It's probably rubbing off before it's set, making your makeup super-longwearing on the surrounding skin, creating serious creasing.  Sounds complicated.  Totally isn't though. Smiley Wink

2.  Do you have a matte or satin ivory eye shadow?  (Urban Decay Virgin would work, as would tons of others.)  I don't know how you do your eye makeup, but this seriously is my favorite tip ever.  Apply the ivory eye shadow all over the eye area evenly before going about your eye design...even after you've used your primer.  This will not only make your eyes look bigger and create an even surface, it will provide a smooth texture for your eye shadows to blend on.  Applying shadows over a cream/liquid-to powder product increases the impact of the colors you apply, but it also makes your work harder.  Get the eye shadow even all over the lid, and check your work in a magnifying mirror if you can before getting anything shimmery or colorful on the eye area, and they will be much less likely to travel.  The creases will also be less noticable (which is not necessary...just saying) because the mica won't cling strangely to the lid and reflect the light.

3.  Also make sure you're not applying any eye creams to the lid and that there's no residue that can collect in the creases.  I sometimes run an oil-free (non-siliconey) eye makeup remover over any creased areas before applying my makeup, and it really, really makes a difference.


Hope this helps!

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