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Weird eyelids

I have an issue with my weird eyelids. I'm 24 and have always had these lines on my eyelids. I have double eyelids, but I have these... I'm not sure I should call them wrinkles because I don't have wrinkles yet, but I've had these lines since I was born. I attached a picture so you'd get an idea. I don't mind them at all, but sometimes if I'm wearing makeup for a few hours, the makeup will start to come off just from those lines. 


I always carefully apply Urban Decay Primer Potion Sin or MAC Prep & Prime Eye before my eyeshadow, but it still doesn't work... no matter how careful, how much or how little I apply of it and regardless of the type of eyeshadows I use.


Is there anything I can do to keep my eye makeup on longer without it coming off on the lines?


I mean, it's not a big deal. It's actually not very noticeable, but it kinda irks me sometimes. Any ideas? 





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These are totally normal folds in the skin of your eyelid -- they aren't weird at all Smiley Happy Unless you have a certain type of lid and/or bone and eye socket structure, these lines are very common -- I have them, and I would be willing to bet that most people do. I have not tried the two primers that you mentioned, but one that I use (and that works) is NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base -- it really makes shadow stick (I feel like its more dry than most primers are). The pigment adheres to it and (in my experience) is less likely to migrate into the folds of the skin.


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