Uneven skin tone around mouth area after applying foundation?
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Around my mouth and upper lip when i put on make up is always darker than the rest of my face..is it the foundatiom im using?( dream matte mousse), I moisterize and wash/exfoliate my fash daily. Any suggestions? Aslo.. It seems like around the edges of my eyebrows are alwyas lighter as well...
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I would watch a few youtube videos. HourGlass has a good one out there.


The Make Up Artist takes a lighter concealer, puts the back of his hand too warm it up, then takes a brush (I use my fingers), thins it out and gently applies it to any dark areas on the face pressing it into the skin and melting it into the face and foundation.  This works like a charm.


If you just swab the stick of concealer on your face it looks weird and never blends.  Guess you gotta know how to apply this "stuff" to get the right effect.


He does this to the eye lids, inner and outer corners of the eye, over the eye brown, around the eye in a C for a higlighter, under the nose and around the lips where it looks darker


I also add to my lips as concealer makes my lipstick stick to my  lips and last all day. 


I use a lighter concealer for this than what I do for my overall undereye area.  Then I use this color concealer in just a tad to brighten in a few areas under the eye (so my face / under eye area are same color, and then I use a lighter concealer as a highlighter or color corrector in the areas that I need to).

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