Too Faced vs Smaskbox bb

So I did some research and found out about different bb creams and went in to sephora yesterday. The SA there told me Nars new tm was basically the same as the smashbox bb cream so i wasnt sure... he also made me orange. So i went to a different sephora today and she did half my face with too faced and half my face with smashbox bb creams. both are great putting on, too faced is lighter and easier to blend in and has a glow. smashbox has more coverage and thicker...


so im worried about that glow because i got home two hours later and looked in the mirror and my face looked really shiny kind of like oil.... where the too faced was.  i dont have any powder on top of it  - am i just not used to being this 'glowy'.

it looked great in the store when she did it but i might have been finding a reason to buy another new product....

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Ive tried both in samples, and decided on Smashbox. They had a color perfect for me and felt nicer on my face, very matte. I am medium fair, blonde, brown eyes. I like it better than a TM bc it helps me save time by skipping primer and had other good stuff in it. . doesn't feel as heavy. I do think too faced is good, just didn't get my fan vote.
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