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I have brown hair and eyes and I usually use MAC.  Like I said, I wear N4 (face and body) and NW25 (studio finish) but I would like to switch to MUFE HD Invisible Cover Foundation! What color is right for me?

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I'm thinking it may be between 125, 128 and 130.


N4 is not on the mAC website so I coudn't be sure of your color. But the shade finder on the Make Up forever section is a great way to spot your shade.



Hope this helps!

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I am Brazilian and most of the year (summer) and I'm tanned, this time I use a little makeup (NW30)
but now that summer is almost over my skin no longer gets so tan. I also use concealer NW25
Unfortunately here in Brazil we do not have such a variety of bases, so I'm having so much trouble choosing.
I saw the site that you sent me, if you compare the photos I have a darker tan/darker than the 128, but do not have the pinkish hue of 130.
The color of my skin is similar to Eva Mendes. Do you think the 128 is the best choice? The 150 is too dark for me?

Thank you for your help!
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this is the thing. NW shades in MAC refer to foundations with a pink/red undertone which is why I gave you those options. however, you seem to like the ones with a beige undertone. the choice is ultimately yours. I don't think the 150 will necessarily be too much darker since Make up forever really does arrange theirfoundations more according to the undertone.
Also keep in mind that you can buy 128 and warm up your face with bronzer so it doesn't appear too light!
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