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I'm currently using Bobbi Brown foundation stick in sand and I really like it but I'm thinking of trying a different stick makeup. The shade matches my skin pretty well but it might have a little too much yellow in it for me. I'm looking to order online so hopefully someone can help!
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I like the Shiseido stick foundation myself. I can't be sure but considering you wear Sand then perhaps 100 Very light Ivory or perhaps B20.


There's also Benefit Playsticks and I think the most compatible color would be Spin the Bottle.


Hope that helps!

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Benefit Playsticks is a great stick foundation that I keep on hand all the time for when I'm really in a rush or when I travel.  "Spin the Bottle" is the shade I wear and I am very fair so I'm not sure if you'd want to order "Spin the Bottle" or "Paperdolls".  Just looking at the color swatch on the computer for BB's Sand color, it looks closer to Paperdolls to me.  If you can't actually test before buying, you may want to give Sephora a call at 1-877-SEPHORA and ask one of their professionals which color they think is closest to your skin tone.

I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

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How do you use stick foundations?

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@ Curvygirli, one can utilizes stick foundations in multiple and various ways.


Right off the bat, someone can apply the stick foundation directly to skin, swiping the amount of desired product onto forehead, chin, and cheeks and then blending out with a brush, sponge, or even fingers.


Another is by swiping on product directly onto the tool at hand and then using that to transfer onto skin and blending out from there.

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