Setting spray or powder for dry skin?
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I have very dry skin. Which would be better to set my makeup, a mineral powder or a setting spray?

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For dry skin, I'd go with a setting spray.  I like the Urban Decay one, it's not sticky nor drying, just kind of feels like water but works like a dream.  I usually spray 3-4 times on my face then with a brush (that I only use for this) I dab around my face to get the product to go all over and to help dry a little quicker.  Hope that helps!

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The rule is usually powder for oily skin and liquid/cream for dry skin, altho nowadays a lot of powder have goodies added in. Even then, most people use a setting spray to get the glowing or natural look instead of the powdery look.


In short, you should use a setting spray. My favorite is actually Vitamin E facial mist from Body Shop. I dislike the baby powder pink and the smell is ok, but it is definitely moisturzing as well as make up setting. I have dry combo skin and this saved me on the 14hr plane ride to China. It might feel a bit sticky on the face, but velvety smooth once it dries.

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