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Sephora Brush and BB cream

I use MUFE HD and in the store the lady applied it with Sephora brush 56. It seemed to do the job very well, but then I got home and read some mix reviews, and I hate to spend so much.....Does anyone out there use brish 55 or 56 with MUFE is it worth the splurge? Also, I have heard that BB creams are the newest thing, does anyone out there actually use them/do you like it?

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Another quick... If you are thinking to use a brush with a bb cream, I would not reccommend that even the sephora worker told me too. Her instructions were... Squirt it out on your fingertips then gently pat in with finger tips... Then pat in with palms... It should not need more blending than that if it does then just rub very very very gently. As for which bb cream I enjoy the smashbox camera ready bb cream. I hope this helps! Smiley Happy
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