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I have really red skin, even after applying my foundation the redness shows through. Is there a product that could help?

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Clinique Redness Solution skincare/make up line targets your problem. You can try the yellow pressed powder first.


Also, the foundation covers imperfection but you want to apply either a concealer or primer that concels out the red before that. For powders, most redness correcting ones are yellow, and for primer/concealer, try dabbing either purple or green on particularly red areas.


Here are all Sephora make up that helps with redness:

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Hi there,


i absolutely agree with "beauty tester". You should really look into Clinique's redness solutions line which has a range of products aimed at skin with redness. Of course this can be due to many factors. Do you have redness because of acne? Because of sensitivity? Rosacea?


Eitherway, these are the products I would recommend: 


1)clinique redness solutions.jpg


You can use this one morning and night 


2) redness solutions concealer.jpg

Foundation specifically made to relieve redness and protect the skin from the damaging rays of the sun. (Has SPF 15 in it)


3) redness solutions pressed powder.jpg

Clinique's redness solutions pressed powder


I trust Clinique's products because they're hypoallergenic. Because you have redness you're probably prone to sensitivy so I wouldn't recommend using something that doesn't specify that it is hypoallergenic.


Hope this helps Smiley Happy


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Primers for red skin, also rosacea products (see a dermatologist)  plus do not use a scrub or acids use calming lotions.

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I have the same problem. I recently found and added Shiseido's Control Color Glo Stick. It is specifically for redness. I love it!
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HI! I had the same problem as you, last week I got the new redness corrector mineral stuff from clinque sorry the name is sliping my mind right now!  But you sweep it over your face after you put on your foundation, it works like a translucent powder! 


                                                                          hope it helps! Smiley Happy 

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My friend has the same problem and she uses Smashbox Green Correcting Primer.Smiley Happy

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