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Q. Cover Fx Cream Foundation Undertones

I've heard rave reviews about this foundation for full coverage and covering acne scars, so last time I was at my nearest Sephora(3 hours away) I got matched with P30 in this foundation. Looked great, covered great in store, outside it had bad makeup line on my neck from it being too dark and just didn't look right, kinda orangey. I want to order 1 or 2 colors online to try and compare, but I'm unsure of my undertone. My skin is light, I turn pink or burn easily in the sun and mainly have some pink or red from acne scars and hyperpigmentation. Would gold help cancel out the red and pink tones? Would pink undertones help blend or just intensify it? Would neutral help neutralize and blend? Any help at all to help sort out my confusion and help cover up my horrible scarring would help a lot. Thanks in advance!  

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It's always important to tell them your gonna run out and look at what they matched you with in natural light. The lighting in stores vary from place to place. I would drop down to the P20  if the P30 is too dark. I would stick with the same undertones as your skin because golden undertones would probably turn more orange. It sounds from the way you describe your skin that your fair to light so I would just drop down to the P20. Hope this helps~

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