Primer vs. "Setting" Powder

A friend asked me why I had both primer and powder (MUFE HD Microfinish) if both of them are supposed to 'set' my foundation?  That's a good question I haven't found an answer to yet.  Could someone help me out?



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A primer and a setting powder both help your foundation to stay on during the day, but do different things to help your foundation stay on longer.  A primer is applied before foundation.  It creates another layer to separate your skin from the foundation, which prevents breakouts.  Different primers do different things, such as reducing redness on the skin before foundation application, brightening the skin for a "glow" from underneath foundation, and reducing oil.  A setting powder is a powder that goes over foundation to keep it in place during the day.  Setting powders keep the skin matte, which reduces oil and shine on the skin.  I use both a primer and a setting powder too to keep my foundation on all day-hope this helps! Smiley Happy

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