Primer for oily & acne skin!! :)
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Hey!! I need HELP!! 

Okay--so as of right now I use MAC prep and prime and every time I apply makeup my pores become extremely noticeable!  They are never visible when I do not have foundation on, however, as soon as I apply foundation, instantly or a couple hours later there are HUGE pores all over my forehead, nose and cheeks!  It looks completely disgusting!  I am looking for a primer that will heklp minimze this, please leave suggestions!  I will greatly appreciate it!  Thanks!!   


BTW-- you may be wondering why I apply foundation if my pores are not visible when I do not have it on, but that is beacuse I have skin discoloration, and foundation really helps me achieve a nice even complextion, however, I am lacking the smooth effect, and would really want a foundation primer that will help me achieve the perfect look! 

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I would try Dr Brandt -pores no more PORE REFINER instead. it mattifys so that will hep with the oil control too. I used it and liked it better than porefessional by benefit.

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