Pressed powder vs. loose powder

I don't know whether to use a pressed powder or a loose powder. I've always used pressed. Clinique Almost Powder is my favorite. But I don't really know what the difference is, and if one is better than the other. Any Suggestions?

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There is a difference. A loose powder is very finely milled. That means it is very fine and is least likely to look cakey on your skin. It is definitely more difficult to handle while traveling and using since you have to be careful with it so it doesn't fly everywhere. It is usually better for dry skin or dry combination skin. Pressed powder feels, as well as looks, heavier on the skin. It often works best for oily skin and combination oily skin types. Hope this helped! Smiley Happy

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I LOVE Almost Powder.  So easy to just put on and go for a powder foundation!  Honestly, I have this compact or the Stay Matte one in my purse at all times (zip pockets in purses are great for this) for touchups or to put on quickly if I need to run into a store quickly or just even out my skin tone.  Really, the only difference between loose and pressed powders are if it's loose/pressed or translucent/color.  If I'm at home, I tend to use a powder foundation brush (Origins makes a great one) and brush the pressed powder on that way instead of using the sponge included (although that also works very well).

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Yes, I use loose,I real veil to set my makeup and I always carry a compact around to touch up during the day. Well said!
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