Photo-friendly foundation for pale sensitive skin?

i normally use mineral foundation (Everyday Mineals Fair Cool at the moment) but I understand that it can photograph weirdly, so for my graduation I want to find a foundation that's more photo-friendly.


The trick is that my skin is pretty sensitive - it doesn't tend to be red all the time like some, but I do have to be extra careful about testing products because sometimes I react or break out. (And it would not be good to find out mid-ceremony that my foundation was making me red and itchy. Smiley Happy ) I'm also pretty pale - not  Irish red-hair-white skin pale, but light enough that most foundations look orange or yellow on me. (Or occasionally pink - I'm cool toned, but on the cooler side of neutral moreso than really strongly pink-based, so some foundations for cooler tones just Do. Not. Work.)


I'd ideally prefer a liquid or cream/mousse finish, because my skin is combination and powders can go sort of, well, powdery on the drier areas of my face, but I am aware that I'll be wearing long polyester robes for quite some time, so something that's going to slide right off at the slightest hint of heat or humidity probably isn't great either. Smiley Happy (It is indoors, but, well. Heavy polyester gowns.)


Any ideas? I think I want something that's a sort of medium coverage but can be built a little as necessary in specific areas. (I use a highlighting concealer pen for undereye concealing, also.) (I love those things. Instant brighter eyes. Like magic.)



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