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If you've tried any of these, please share your opinion =)


I've got my skincare regimen down, I use oil-controlling foundation & an oil-free mattifying finishing powder, and I'm all about the blotting papers. But I need a primer for my T-zone!  My nose is a problem area, it melts away make-up =(


Givenchy Mister Mat Mattifying Foundation Primer..... I've read lots of other posts of ppl asking which primer is best for oily skin, and a lot of ppl have suggested Mister Mat.


Lancome LA BASE PRO Perfecting Makeup Primer.... I love Lancome products, but I have no idea if they make a great primer or not.


Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer Matte Finish.... This product seems to be made exclusively for oily t-zones/oily skin. The reviews for it were pretty good, but no better or worse than Givenchy & Lancome.


Boscia Skin Perfecting Primer..... I use Boscia's Comeplexion Cleanser and it's really effective, I love it. So I'm wondering if their oil-free primer is also a must-have?

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Hi, sugarpot.  I have very oily skin, too.  I have found that the best way to help control oiliness is to use an oil-controlling primer.  It makes all the difference in the world in how my foundation goes on smoother, looks more even and how it helps it to last all day. The two best oil-controlling foundation primers that I have ever used to stop my extreme oiliness from breaking through are the following two.  Both are equally good in quality, but they vary in price:

1) Make Up For Ever All Mat Foundation Primer is an oil-free foundation primer designed to remove shine with long lasting results.  Mattifying powders absorb any excess sebum (oil) and prepares your skin to help your makeup stay looking fresh all day. The silicone gel base, with its cotton-soft texture, leaves your skin matte and velvety.  It is recommended for normal to oily skin.  It is non-greasy, oil-free and you can find it here:

2) Givenchy Mister Mat Mattifying Foundation Primer
is a soft, mattifying, powder-gel skin primer that can be used alone or under makeup to make your skin velvety smooth. The lightweight fluid softens and moisturizes with silicone gum extracts; and plant extracts work to control sebum (oil) production, which provides a long-lasting matte effect that remains light enough to still let your skin breathe.  It contains subtle light-blue pearlescent shimmers that counteract a dull look and minimize the appearance of large pores, leaving your skin looking bright, glowing and healthy.  You can find it here: 

Like I said, both of the above are very good, but if you are super oily then I would probably go ahead and choose the Mister Mat.

Hope this helps!
Have a great day!
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Hi Sugarpot,


Those are all great primers.


Personally I like the Boscia Skin Perfecting Primer because it is formulated for sensitive skin. I like the light weight consistency of the product and that I do not feel like it is sitting on my face. I hope this helps and I cannot wait till I hear what everyone has to say.Smiley Happy



Skin Perfecting Primer

<3 Melissa

I like the Givenchy Mister Mat, it works best of all the oily skin foundation primers I have tried.

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I use CARGO's ACTIVATING FACE PRIMER - I've used a few others before and this one is my favourite. It goes on very very smooth and my makeup stays without a problem. I always found that by the time i came home from a night out, my makeup wasnt in great condition. But with cargo's primer, my makeup was almost exactly how it was when i left the house to begin with. Give it a shot!

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Wow, you've done your homework.

Personally I have found "Spackle" by Laura Geller to work great.

My makeup lasts all day long.

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Color science is AWESOME you want to wear it all by its self :woman wink:

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