POWDER highlighters for very pale skin???
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HELP! I’ve been researching for hours and I need some other opinions.


In an ideal world it would be:

A POWDER highlighter that is oil free and noncomedigenic .  I'm not really looking for a soft/subtle/sheer/natural look.  I'm looking more for an opaque BRIGHT WHITE highlighter (think Kim Kardashian) I just ordered NARS – Albatross but I am in search of some alternatives.  


A lot of highlight products that I have found have pink undertones but I would prefer more of a white/gold (more white than gold).


What makes my search so difficult is that I am EXTREMELY pale (we are talking paper white) and most powders that I have tried don’t show up as dramatically as I would like them too. 


I own several liquid/stick highlight products

Nars Multiple Copacabana

Benefit Watts up

Benefit High beam


They are the best I have found so far however because I wear a lot of powders they don’t apply the way I would like them to and often turn into a goopy mess.  This is why I am looking to switch to a POWDER product.


Currently, I am using an eyeshadow (stila kitten) which gets the job done.


I have heard great things about Mary-Lou Manizer by TheBalm but its currently sold out onlline. 


PLEASE HELP! Any Advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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I agree with the other post- LORAC Perfectly Lit will be your Kitten alternative... There are a few options and most of them are gold undertoned.

I would also suggest looking at Tarte Amazonian Clay Shimmering Powder as this will give you the effect you are looking for. 





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