Only 18 with un-fixable Laugh Lines in makeup?
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Hey guys(Or girls as the case may be!) Smiley Happy


I need some help/ Ideas on how to fix/prevent this problem.

For the past 6-8 months I have been having a major problem with bad laugh lines. First off I take very good care of my skin i.e. Always take makeup off, cleanse, tone, hydrate, treat acne, use good eyecreams and recently use wrinkle treatment on my laugh lines. They aren't so bad when I don't have makeup on but as soon as I've had makeup on and dare to move my mouth the cliff of insanity appears in the form of laugh lines! I moisturise before applying primer and then follow through with makeup. Its so bad I've resorted to not putting makeup on around my mouth (not a good look...) and applying wrinkle cream on the lines that appear throughout the day every chance I get to help ease the lines a bit (it doesn't completely take them away).

I just turned 18 so its not age =S

Also, I have oily acne prone skin if that's at all relevant.


Any help would be very much appreciated!!

Thank you!! xoxoxoxoxSmiley Tongue

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on jessica harlows youtube video, how to cover acne, it shows you how EYESHADOW PRIMER helps smile lines . if it doesnt help, srry!

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