Oily skin meltdown is melting my makeup!!!
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I am currently using the makeup forever velvet matte foundation and their pressed powder. I have the most oily skin possible. When I first apply my foundation and powder, it looks nice and matte. However, after like 3 hours of wear, it seems to just melt right off of my face. This has happened with every foundation I have ever had. Plus I prefer full coverage. Is there a solution to this over oily problem? Perhaps a different foundation and powder?

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You could try the Mac Pre+Prime Face Protect SPF 50 primer, it controls oil and also has SPF.


If you really have very oil skin then go to a drugstore and get a Milk of Magnesia, apply it underneath your foundation.

Then after applying your foundation, set it with the No More Shine setting spray by Skindinavia. These two products should help  keeping your skin matte all day.



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