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No Makeup Look

I'm 18 and have been wearing heavy makeup all through high school and I've decided it's not a good look for someone my age. Since my skin has been evening out I want a more natural look. Most drugstore makeup is too dark for me so I was gonna look for something from Sephora. i want something that gives me a no makeup look while making my face look glowy and hiding my minor acne scarring (or at least not enhancing it). I'm fine with powder foundation, liquid foundation, or a tinted moisturizer. I don't like sparkles which is why I steered away from Tarte's smooth operator. I've also tried Bare Minnerals, it made me itchy and kind of blotchy. As for skin tone I'm not really sure my mother says I'm more pink but the ladies at Sephora tend to steer me towards gold undertone products. My skin also tends to have some minoe under the skin bumbs that show up if my makeup is too greasy. Product wise I've also tried Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation, which was to dark and made me greasy. Josie Marans Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation, which again I found was a little dark. I was considering the new Tarte foundation but I was thinking it might be steering away from the natural look I want, though I love products that are good for my skin.

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