Newbie Needing help with Highlighting/Contouring ?
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Hey there, My name is Megan and I am new to wearing face make up.
Really I just would like to use the Urban Decay BB cream when it comes out, then high light and contour..does that seem like it would look okay?


I have an Olivey skin tone. Im not really sure if i need a certain tone of bronzer/highlighter that I need to use?


Does anyone have any brands/products to recommend to me?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer!

Im pretty confused when it comes to knowing about the shades of things!



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If you don't know what shade of bronzer or highlighter to use then I would suggest going to a near by sephora or makeup counter to get help. 
And BB cream would be a great start since it does give coverage and mosturize your skin.

I think you and I might have the same or close skin tone. Im an NC 30-35 in MAC. 


There are different types of bronzer the main ones being either a matte or a shimmery of bronzer. I prefer the matte finish almost everyday. I usually reach for the shimmery one in the summer for a glow. I would reccommend Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer since you do have a olive skin tone. When looking for a bronzer, make sure it is not lighter than your skin tone or it wont show.





It looks dark here but it isnt in person.

This is a matte bronzer that contains cocoa powder, making it smell like hot chocolate. I dont mind the smell since the smell doesnt last on your face. 


if you are into a shimmery bronzer then nars lauguna or mac refinded golden would be good too.




hopes this helps


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