New tinted moisturizer?
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I had previously used Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer in bisque. Almost two years ago I switched to Nars in St.Moritz. However, I am finding the Nars to be to heavy on my skin. I don't like how it looks like I a heavy product, which it's not supposed to be. Luckily, my skin care routine has become refined and very effective, so I know my skin is in good shape, so not the cause. I did a quick scan and one of the products that came up for me is the new Obsessive Compulsive Tinted Moisturizer. This is only available on-line, making it difficult in finding a color match. Considering both previous products had me in medium with yellow undertones. Y2 seems to fit, but the color on the screen makes me nervous. My concerns are the oiliness, which I still combat. I am 43, so I also am wanting to stay with something lighter that does not accentuate any fine lines or wrinkles that may still be there. Is this a good product to try? Can't seem to find reviews on this.

Or would a BB or CC be better?  I have done some searching and it does not look like they offer many color variations.

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I just bought a tube of Laura Mercier and I actually regret it.  I used to use the Dior Nude BB cream and after this tube I'm going back. Its a great one.  I have oily skin and this doesn't make it worse. I've even used it through a 3 hour gym routine and it didn't break me out. Its light weight with buildable coverage. You can also ask for a sample at your local store.  A BB would definitely be better.  CC is "color correcting" but if your problem is oiliness, then Beauty Balms are more likely to address that issue.  They also contain anti-aging ingredients. The recent boom in BB Cremes has increased the color variation.  If you go to Sephora, they can scan your skin color with their new Color IQ and find you a creme color that will match perfectly. Good luck!

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