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I just received a sample of the Naked foundation in four colors.  I wear Cliniques Even better foundation in 04 in summer and 03 in winter,  but I've been using Laura Mercier TM lately .  I would love to try the Nked foundation but I'm wondering how to determine the rightcolor.  It comes with this clear plastic color palette and says to chose the color that your closest to that appears naked on your face but if the plastic doesn't have a paper behind it, you can't see the colors of the foundation.  I'm not sure how to put it near my face and see which one is the best.  I haven't tried the samples yet, but is this just afoundation product or is it as amazing as it sounds?  I'd love to have a foundation that really isn't visible the way this seems to be in the description.  I have some acne scars that I'm working on lightening, and the TM has been working out, but I still need concealer at times.  Has anyne else tried it ?  Woud I be better off going into the store and trying out a color?

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I tried it in the store last night! 0.5 (and 1.0 -- which seemed to be the same intensity but had a warmer base) is a tiny bit darker than what I usually wear (NARS Siberia), but the formula is so blendable that it works. It felt really nice on, too -- weightless, but it still left a really lovely finish. Siberia is a bit better of a match (and I like its yellow base), so I might not buy this one -- at least not yet -- but it was tempting! I actually really prefer the UD formula over NARS, though -- in terms of finish, how it looks, etc.

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