New Bare Minerals Get Started Kit - Permanently out of stock
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I recently purchased the new BareMinerals Get Started Kit in Fairly Light for a friend of mine. I just noticed that it says the product is permanently out of stock. Is this true?

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1. Sometimes Sephora have items that are permanently out, but get stocks of them later and they become available. This happens quite often for sales items, and some I brought after even the web page disappears a couple of times. I would suggest putting it on your shopping list if you have the chance, if it mysteriously disappears from there without a trace, then it means the item is really not carried.


2. The stores might carry them. Some stuff still available online (Super by Dr. Perricone) was discontinued from all stores almost half year ago. Some stuff discontinued online for half a year are still available in smaller Sephora stores (Tokidoki eyeshadow quad).


3. As the other poster said, other websites might also carry them. Even if it's a sephora exclusive, Ultra or BM website might have a similar kit. Besides, BM comes out with new kits every other month.

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