Need a new routine awful skin :(
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I have extremely blotchy skin from years of acne problems and have just never been able to get my makeup right. Last summer I went into Sephora and bought a bunch of products from Tarte, a primer, foundation which I apply with a foundation brush, an operator, and a bronzer. I am not too happy with this routine as my skin is not improving and the makeup looks terrible when I apply it. If there is a regimeme someone can help me out with that includes what tools to use it would be greatly appreciated! I am looking for something in the same price range too and definitely willing to switch up brands!!


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As a few others have said, skin will not improve by makeup covering alone.  What skin problems are you encountering?  Acne, rough texture, unevenness, flaky patches, redness, dehydration (skin feels tight/parched)? 


Also take in mind of habits.  Here are some questions to ask: 

Are you completely removing makeup at night or run into those oops situations of sleeping in it at night? 

Do you try to work out or do vigorous activity in it? 

How many layers are applied and how frequent? 

How often are your makeup tools cleaned?  How often are the phone or pillowcases cleaned? 

Do you tend to be stressed often? 

Diet (not weight loss but what foods and drinks you tend to consume)?


Sephoramusthave is spot on that no matter how much you pay in makeup, it will not look good if your skin is being neglected. In the meantime, figure out skin type, concerns to tackle and work on that.  Once the skin is manageable, it will become easier to find the right makeup products (and use less product in the process). 


Keep in mind the majority of photos in the media are heavily digitally edited for the flawless, no imperfections idea ( S_vVUIYOmJM copy and paste that mix of letters into the YouTube serach bar). 


Hope that helps. 

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