Need a good cream blush for older skin

I'm 48 and have been mistaken for 35 due to good genes, meticulous skincare (including generous everyday use of sunscreen) and more than my share of good luck.  Sagging skin and fine lines aren't an issue -- for now, anyway.  However, I find that makeup formulations that once worked well on my skin no longer do so.  I've always had combination skin -- oily t-zone, normal everywhere else.  The typical hormonal changes at this age have thrown my skin into an upheaval.  My forehead is extremely oily and prone to breakouts while my cheeks are actually getting oilier rather than dry as one would expect.  Medium coverage foundation slides right off my nose and forehead and appears cakey on the rest of my face, even with primer.  To combat that I switched to a light-textured tinted moisturizer over primer with good results.  Now I notice that powder blushes and eyeshadows make my skin look dry despite the oiliness and age me as a result.  Can you provide recommendations for good cream blushes and eyeshadows as well as tips on how to best apply them?  I used to avoid cream formulations because they were difficult to control but now I guess I have no choice.

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My two favorite cream blush series are NARS (Penny Lane is a great go-to shade; it's nude pink, and it works well on most complexions!) and Becca (you can also try the Beach Tints, which are gel-based).


Which powder blushes were you using? A good pressed powder variety shouldn't typically make your skin look dry (particularly if it's oily to begin with) -- so perhaps it had something to do with the one you were using? If you prefer powder blush, I would go for one with a buttery smooth texture like Dior -- the powder is silky and blendable, not drying at all. Other favorites that I cannot imagine causing dryness are Burberry (it's tightly bound and therefore easy to control application) and Chanel Joues Contraste (for some reason, these add a glow in addition to color).


RE: Eyeshadow, I don't have too much experience with cream shadow, other than NARS (which I found kind of difficult to work with -- but you may not). However, I will say that Urban Decay makes excellent powder eyeshadows that are not at all dry in texture, in case you wanted to take a look at those! They are very smooth and easy to blend.


Good luck! Smiley Happy

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