Need Lots of Hair and Makeup Tips HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I have a Christmas party in 2 weeks.  Any suggestions on how I should do my hair and makeup for xmas? Nothing too complicated but simple yet a stunning/elegant look. I am not really into doing a bun, something a little more loose or half up anything but a bun.  You can attach pics if needed.


My hair use to look like this:


But not any more, it has grown out to my shoulder.


I am open to suggestions and tips/advice. I need lots of suggestions, as I dont have alot of time!

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Holidays are about relaxing with family keep it simple take the two front pieces of  your hair clip them behind your head with a festive clip you can braid them if you want. keep the makeup simple and comfortable nothing too crazy good luckSmiley Wink

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