Naked foundation vs. MUFE HD

Has anyone tried out Urban Decays Naked foundation yet? If so, is it better than Make Up For Ever HD Invisible foundation? Because I really want to try it out! (: 

Thanks in advance beauties!



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My opinion is based on my own skin, so if your skin is somewhat similar to mine, then it may has same effect.

FYI: i am combination skin which is more oily in summer and less in winter (nearly normal). 

I used HD before. Now i pass it to my mom and she loves it. She is about 50 Smiley Happy 


Now i am currently using NAKED.

Okay here is my comments: HD has a very good coverage which can build up to medium - full coverage. However, it faded quiet much shown up my bare skin (with scars and acne) at the end of the day (usually around 4PM). I don't like it at all. Most of people using HD say that it suitable to normal skin than oily skin. And yes it gives my mom's aging skin a glow dewy finish and stay longer on her. (she's aging skin but she had oily skin when she was younger. So that now she has kinda normal skin than dry)


And for now NAKED, i have been using it and love it. It stay well on my skin (untill 4PM), still cover enough scars after 8PM, and certainly, i am oily so it absolutely fade, i can't help Smiley Happy but it doesn't fade as much as HD does, that i can tell. Also, it looks natural on me, very nice finish, not cake up (except for around my nose - as always). And this foundation is medium coverage, fade away my scars (i still use concealer to conceal them completely). 


Over all, my skin prefer NAKED more than HD Smiley Happy And you should try on you skin to see how it works to you. 

Good luck! Smiley Happy

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