My favorite Blush is discontinued

My favorite Blush is Estee Lauder Creme Blush in Nude Light.  It is discontinued as all favorite makeup does. I am looking for the same color I have tried taking it to my Sephora store and nothing in store matched.  I'd prefer Cream.  Thank you in advance for any help. I know pictures are hardly accurate but I am adding it anyway.Estee-Lauder-Signature-Satin-Creme-Blush-Nude-Light.jpg

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Try Stila Convertible Color in Lillium (its one my musthaves!)

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I think it is maybe closer to Camellia... Nude Light is more peachy I think that that color... I am not totally sure this one isn't at my sephora
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If your local Sephora doesnt carry Lillium, go to your local ULTA, they should have it. From the picture you gave me, it looks pretty identical to Lillium.
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I am noticing the picture does look very pink compared to the actual. I brought mine with me to look at Sephora, I hadn't tried Ulta yet, and I also brought it to makeup counters where a lady kept digging in what I had left to try to find a match... didn't even ask me if she could do it... sorry that annoyed me since I had so little left and LOVE it. Sephora didn't do that.
Its really a peachy color but it does have a little pink
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