Matte Powder?
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I'm noticing half way through my work day that my face is starting to feel a little oily and look shiney.  I have oil blotter sheets in my makeup bag which I'm using.  The weather where I live has been slightly warmer than what we are used to for this time of year, which is only making my oily skin worse.  I didn't know if also incorporating a mattifying powder as a touch up during the day would help??  And what some good suggestions would be so I'm not making the oil worse?  Should I apply as a touch up or should I apply in the morning with my normal makeup routine?


Here is what I am using now in my routine:


*cleaning and moisturizing with Proactiv (incorporating products from the line for oil control)

*amazing concealer for dark circles and redness around nose and mouth

*bare minerals powder foundation all over followed by my usual (blush, highlighter, shadow primer, shadow, gloss, eye liner and mascara)



Is there something I am missing that would help cut down on the shine and oil?!?!


HELP beauty gurus! Smiley Happy



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You said that you are using the BareMinerals foundation, have you tried their new matte formulation? That might work really well for you. Also, I don't know if you are using a primer underneath your foundation but there are good ones that help stop oil that you can use to reduce the amount of oil on your face

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I am not using a primer...suggestions?! :-)
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