Makeup that will not clog pores?
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I've tried Bare Minerals foundation and love it. It's the best thing I've used and I'm hesitant to try anything else because the aftermath is tolerable when I use Bare Minerals, compared to the pimple ridden aftermath of a couple other foundations I've tried. But I still break out while using Bare Minerals; I have oily, sensitive, acne prone skin. Is there ANY foundation that will not clog my pores? Feel free to recommend any drug store foundations if you know one that will help me, it doesn't have to be from Sephora or a brand name. But I'm a teenager so don't suggest anything from Channel or anything extremely high end; I'm on a budget! THANKS SO MUCH! :smileyhappy:

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There's a good chance it is hormones and not your foundation that is causing your acne.  While makeup can clog pores and make acne worse, it is most likely just that you are a teenager - your oil glands are overactive, clogging your pores and causing breakouts.  What are you using for skincare?  Besides using oil-free and noncomedogenic makeup, skincare that is tailored for young and acne-prone skin can kill the bacteria and dry up the excess oil that is causing the breakouts.  See what skincare products work for you and if after trying salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide (give new skincare a few weeks to work) with no improvement ask your parents to take you to a dermatologist.


Here are some of the less expensive options



Clinique Acne Foundation




Go Clear

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I second the advice given by Kalex. Another good skincare line is this one:




Also, if you feel your skin is pretty much under control using Bare Minerals foundation, try this treatment for minor breakouts. IT works overnight:

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I am in the exact same problem as you right now.  I have really oily skin and acne prone skin.  I think about using name brand stuff wich si good but th eonly problem is my oiliness.  Im looking at buying Laura Mercier tinted mouisterizer but mouisterizer will make my oiliness worse but it doesn't break out skin.  For ANYTHING you buy from bare minerals get teh Matte because it helps the oiliness.  Thats waht I have from Bare Minerals and its really good.  But from drugstores I would get the maybelline matte mousse.  It's teh best ever and when you break out it is teh best to cover it up..its amazing.  Im not even kidding.  And the other thing you should get from the drugstore is the oil free concealer for breakouts its called Jane No show oil free concealer.  AND THE RULE FOR OILY SKIN IS ALWAYS GET THE OIL FREE.  And another thing you  might want is to bring ur meakup to school in the middle of the day to reapply if your skin gets that oily,  And maybe bare minerals doesnt make you breakout it may be hormones because thats whath happens with people our age.  Go to a dermotologist, when I went they gave me a pil for 5 months for 10$ a month.  It cleared up my acne and now Im off it and the pill killed the bacteria that causes pimples and I rarely get thim.  And in the middle of the day use the Oil obsorbing sheets.. Use one every hour.. atleasts thats what I do.  And I get acne all on my T zone because thats waht happens with oily skinned people.  BUT NEVER FORGET THAT WHEN PEOPLE GET OLDER PPL WILL BE JEALOUS OF US AND HOW BEAAUTIFUL OUR SKINLOOKS WITHOUT MANY WRINKLES BECUASE ITS SO MOUISTERIZED.  So thats whats good for oily skin.  AND YOU REALLLY NEED TO TRY CLINIQUE BECAUSE THEY REALLY MADE IT FOR OILLY SKINNED PEOPLE AND USE THE OIL FREE ACNE SOLLUTION FOUNDATION AND IT WORKS.. AND GET THE CONCEALER TOO!...i hope i hellped you with a few extra tips.. #1 TIP ACTUALLY IS TO NEVER TOUCH UR FACE WITH YOUR HANDS!!!!!THATS WAHT CAUSES ACNE!!TOUCHING UR FACE..DONTTT!!!

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I'm a teenager as well, and have been in your exact same dilemma before. I don't know if you're the same as me, but I cared about the packaging, so that led me astray for a while, but I finally found my way back. You can get this beautiful invention at shoppers drugmart- it's a lifesaver,really! Physicians formula makeup won't clog pores and comes in a natural line as well. I highly recommend these makeup products. For face products for acne go and tell all to a worker at LUSH in west Edmonton mall. They're super-nice and will give you a custom skin routine that's affordable and natural for you. LUSH is downstairs and across from the restaurant area. Good luck.. If you follow this advice, be ready to have beautiful skin and a confidence boost!

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What I say now is probably going to sound crazy, but for us acne prone folks, I would definitely suggest reading all the ingredients in every face product you are using at the moment, and figure out which ingredients are on this list in terms of comedogenicity.


I know, I know, it's time consuming, but everything is about the ingredients. In a perfect world, eliminating these ingredients would completely rid of you breakouts, but of course, you have to account for environment, habits, etc....


I'm not sure you can do much about your environment, but if you are a face-toucher, you should think about breaking that habit... Our hands have so many oils and bacteria on them, even in their cleanest state. Change your pillow cases weekly, wash your makeup brushes consistently, wash your face at least every night, etc....


Hope this helped in some small form! I know from personal experience that using products with "good" ingredients can change your skin dramatically :smileyhappy:

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I'd recommend trying some of Tarte or Korres's Products from Sephora.  They are an all natural line, so it won't contain any ingrediants that will cause you to break out. They'll actually help you skin.  They have great mineral powders and oil free sheer foundations that someone your age will love.  Plus the Tarte concealer helps treat breakouts as well.  If you are excessively oily you may want to try a mattifying powder which you would put on after your moisturizer and before you make up. I like the Givenchy Mister Mat, but if you are on a budget try the Pore Refining Primer from Urban Decay or Sephora has their own personal mattifying primer as well. 


You might also want to make sure that your moisturizer is oil-free and not too hydrating which could also be causing some of your break-outs.  Also use make-up removing wipes to get all the make up off before you wash your face.   When you don't your face wash is only getting off the make up and not cleaning your skin thoroughly, if you don't want to use make up removing wipes, then just wash your face twice.  I do this when I am having a lazy day.

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