Makeup Forever or Clinique ? TORN :(
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I have been a long-time user of Bare Escentuals Mineral Powder foundation and finally decided to make the switch to a liquid foundation. Due to the high volume of raves I've been hearing about Makeup Forever HD foundation, I really want to try it. According to the recommended for me products by Sephora Experts, they recommend I use Clinique Even Better 15 SPF liquid foundation. Has anyone had any experience with both? Any advice, suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. So stuck between the two and even though, my decision will be based on what looks and feels better when I try both on at the store, I still would love to hear your stories & opinions.


My skin is combination, with an oily-acne prone T-zone. Some redness on the cheek and chin area and exceedingly large blackheads and pores.


Thanks guys :smileyhappy:

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I'll be honest, Clinique is alright and as for MUFE, it isn't how great people say it is.  As someone else said, it is drying to some skin types and will show off any dryness that you have.  It also didn't cover up any of my scarring, which is fairly light.  I've tried way better products than the both of them.

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Sounds like me!  I used Bare Escentuals Mineral Powder for years, I wanted to try a liquid foundation so I did try the Clinique even better first (Sephora recommended it). Was not a fan a lot. No coverage, just made me really greasy, I used it for a week and back to Sephora I went. I ended up buying the Makeup Forever Matte powder. I come to realize nothing is better then powder especially in the summer time. I also use the Smashbox BB cream for a corrector. Makeup Forever is the best for foundation, That's it. Believe me I have tried it all! HOpe this helps!!

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Color matching- Make Up For Ever hands down.  Fairer skin types may have difficulty finding a good match in Clinique.  It always made me orange.  And there is more variety for the deepest of skin tones with Make Up For Ever. 


With the Make Up For Ever it is very important to moisturize prior to primer (optional) and foundation application.  There are some complaints that it is drying on the skin.  There are two primers that I love when using the HD:  HD primer (photos primarily), Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer (everyday). 


Both products do not have adequate SPF.  No SPF is great for taking pictures (SPF is one of the reasons for white cast in photos) but does not protect against free radicals. So when trying in the store, see how it works with the SPF of choice. 


Best of luck trying in the store. 

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Definitely go for make up for ever hd. I try every foundation that comes out and always always go back to my mufe foundation. It looks amazing in photos and they have a ton of shades.

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@Bombina ~ how or why did you decide to go from mineral make-up to liquid? I ask because the Sephora rep recommended Benefit's Hello Flawless Oxygen when I have been using Hello Flawless powder foundation. I was very happy with the powder and made it pop using highlighters (such as Girl Meets Peral or Smashbox Soft Fusion Lights). I'm just curious why the switch? Thank-you ~ V.
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I have never used Clinique's Even Better, but I use MUFE HD foundation and I absolutely love it! It is GREAT coverage! Just make sure you find the right shade lol. It makes your face look flawless and pictures turn out amazing! 

Hope this helps!


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I have tried a lot of my experiance, the best thing I can say, is try them. Ask the Sephora reps for samples, because you really can't go wrong if you can use them a few times before deciding. I currently switched this winter from BE because my face was looking dry, when it is usually oily...I now found that I can use it again now that the summer months are back, but I started using Smashbox's new 15 hour makeup with the Smashbox Dermaxyl primer or the BB cream depending on breakout (flaw) mode. I have found that this works very well for me and gives great coverage. I always use the Dermaxyl primer under my Bare Minerals too now and then set it with Evian spray water. Good luck and it's a good thing Sephora takes returns!


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I've not used the Make up Forever HD, but I have used both the Make up Forever Velvet and the Clinique Even Better...Comparing the two, I would say that MUFE Velvet offers more coverage and better skin tone match, as others have noted.  The Clinique is not bad either, pros are that it is easier to apply (to me) and I think less irritating (sometimes I feel like the MUFE causes me to break out a little bit more), cons with Clinique are that its less coverage (but depending on your needs, you might not mind that) and it too was difficult for me (fair skin) to find a perfect match. 

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