MUFE HD Primer #6
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At my last visit to Sephora, I was given a sample of MUFE's HD Primer in #6.  Since it's yellow/peach in tint, the thought was that maybe it would correct the blue hue underneath my eyes, and even out the discoloration from acne scars.  However, being used to the green primer as a spot primer only on red areas,  I'm not sure how to apply.  Is this a primer than can be applied all over the face or is the color going to show through the foundation like the green primer does?



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To correct blue underneath the eyes, specifically -- you'd be better off using a concealer that is made for this purpose. I like Bobbi Brown Corrector ($22), personally; the shades are pink and peach based to neutralize the blue / green in dark circles. For acne scars, you're better off using a thicker concealer that will cover them (MUFE Full Cover, $32, is the best I have ever used -- it lasts for ages because so little is needed).

The MUFE primer you have is best used all over the face as a general corrector rather than a spot treatment -- when used properly, the color should not show through your foundation.

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