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I'm a highschool teenager and i apply foundation and powder to school. but i started to notice that my makeup starts to wear off throughout the do i prevent my makeup from wearing off? any product suggestions?

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First off, since you are a teenager you should wear too much makeup. I think you should just stick to powder foundation and wear a primer underneath.


I suggest a Make Up For Ever primer; it goes on very smooth.

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I know how it feels to take the time to apply foundation and concealer, only to have it wear off throughout the day! I SWEAR by Skindinavia's Makeup setting spray.




I spray this twice before I apply my foundation (this really helps keep the products in place, but does not leave a thick or sticky residue AT ALL) and twice after I apply my makeup, which helps blur any "cakey-ness" and leaves you with a flawless finish. This makeup setting spray is seriously AMAZING. You can easily find many reviews on it on Youtube. There's an original formula (I have that one), an oil-control formula, along with a few other formulas.


Hope this helped! :smileyhappy:

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Hi!  I definitely second the idea that a makeup primer would help keep your foundation on all day.  I don't know what your skin type is, but as long as it's not super oily or super dry, Make Up For Ever makes a great primer that comes in different shades, so you can choose the shade that best suits your needs. (I use this every day in Blue):


If you have really oily skin, this is a great oil controlling primer by the same brand:


Hope this helps!

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Sounds like you need a makeup primer. It will keep your makeup on all day. You may also want to try an eye primer as well, your eye makeup will not crease and be more pigmented and will stay all day as well. You also need to try to make an effort not to put you hands on your face while sitting at your desk (that was always one of my problems back in the day). Good luck.
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I'm agreeing with the other posters that it sounds like you need a good primer underneath.  Laura Mercier makes some excellent ones.  She has an oil free version, hydrating for drier skins, and a mineral primer that is made to go underneath powder foundations (although any of them can).  Try her mineral primer (it dries to a powder finish) and see if that helps.

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