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Looking for a shade darker than my skin to make my nose look a bit thinner -- any suggestions?

I have very fair skin but I use a foundation slightly darker than my skin all over (a lot of foundations aren't pale enough to match me anyways) and am looking for a powder I can swipe on the sides of my nose to  make it appear a bit smaller.


I've tried different bronzers on the sides of my nose and the sides of my face (to give more definition) but they tend to all be too dark, as I'm very pale.


Note: I prefer to use natural products, but any suggestions are welcome!

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I'm very pale too, and I have a thin nose that's on the larger side, so I think I understand your situation. First of all, don't worry too much about your nose: I spent my teen years thinking mine was ugly and too big. But not only does my nose look natural with my face, talking to some of my classmates from then revealed that no one thought  thought twice about my nose except me. A larger nose is certainly no bar to beauty. Many beautiful celebs have larger and distinctive noses (like Paget Brewster, for example) and they're still beautiful. I think that rather than trying to play down your nose, you should use makeup to play up the features you're confident about.


Since you have blue eyes, long glamorous eyelashes and the right eyeshadow will have people thinking only about  how beautiful your eyes are. For long, dramatic lashes to frame your eyes, I recommend Fairydrops "Scandal Queen Mascara"fairydrops.jpg (Sephora Product Page) because it will give you a huge increase in length, volume and definition. As for eyeshadow, since you have blue eyes, I recommend peachs, taupes, champagnes, tans, browns and golds to really bring out the blue in your irises. You can find all these colors and more in the Urban Decay "Naked Palette" (Sephora Product Page) which is an extrermely versatile palette that is particularly flattering for blue-eyed gals. And since it comes with a mini Urban Decay "Eyeshadow Primer Potion," you can ensure your shadow looks great all day/night!



Lastly, I just wanted to let you know that if you'd like a bronzer that's sheer and natural-looking enough for us fair-skinned girls, try Benefit Cosmetics "Dallas" (Sephora Product Page) It will give you that sun-kissed glow without looking unnatural on fair skin. Benefit advertises it as "an outdoor glow for the indoor gal" and it's perfect for fair skin with pink undertones.


I hope all this helps you! Smiley Happy And remember, in high school Julia Roberts used to think she had a big nose too--but I doubt anyone thought that then or thinks it now! Just be confident about your attractive features and who you are. Smiley Happy

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