Long lasting foundation w/light coverage
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I am looking for a VERY long lasting foundation that provides sheer-to light-to maybe medium coverage (I don't really need much coverage, and where I do I use my Lancome Effacernes Concealer).

I have combination/oily acne prone skin and easily clogged pores, and plan to wear this foundation in very hot and humid weather, hence the need for it to stay put as long as possible. I am also looking for the lightest shade of the range, and it should be with pink or beige undertones.

I would also really like to avoid using a primer underneath because I don't like layering products (and I am plain lazy to do that every morning, haha).

I've tried Laura Mercier foundations, but even oil-free formulas melt off of my face in 3-4 hours, while mineral foundations clog my pores and break me out. I've tried Nars Sheer Glow, UD's Naked Skin, and MUFE HD Foundation - all three don't last and accentuate the dry areas.


I am currently looking into Estee Lauder Double Wear (since it has legendary lasting powers), but full coverage foundations tend to look like a mask on my fair skin.


If you guys have any advice, I would be very glad to hear it, because I am stuck Smiley Sad

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Smiley Tongue i just wrote a suggestion to someone else so im just going to copy some fo it it here and add more:

Depending on the type of coverage you want if a medium buildable coverage works for you id recomend the Josie Maran Matchmaking Foundation. Its pretty awesome, i started using it this fall and i really do enjoy it. Fair warning: it gones on white and its sort of watery, once you blend it in, it changes to match your skin tone! it lasts me all day  without making me break out since its light on your skin (not heavy) and your skin can still breath Smiley Happy normal foundation always makes me break out on my cheeks if i wear it for more than half a day since my skin gets heavy and cant breath

Ive never tried this product in summer but its great for winter since its moisturizing and it gives me a natural coverage. when you first put it on your face you need primer, else the oil completely absorbs into the skin and takes all the pigments with it (its all organic so nothing will harm your skin) once i began using a primer i got medium coverage and i could build it up. It goes on kind of oily but give it a minute and it will mattify out. It honestly looks like natural skin, you cannot see "cakiness" of foundation even if you build it up. it LOOKS like its your skin, but it also covers it up like a medium coverage would. Its not greasy after it finishes sinking in, your skin wont look oily or "shiny" it helps your skin regain its health and shine but it doesnt make it look like youve got oil all over your face.  

When you first put it on you feel the moisture and i paniced thinking it would feel heavy after sometime. but after a minute when the oil sank in and foundation set...it felt like i had nothing on,it feels so light, my skin is able to breathe. If i wear a foundation for half a day, i break out. Ive never had a problem with this one sometimes i weark it from 8:30am to 10:30pm when im finally back from my lab. my skin still felt moisturized  but not greasy. i didnt feel the heaviness of a thick foundation. it felt like i simply lightly put on cream. i dont think it would be a problem for me in the summer either because once the oil sinks in it will be very light. It lasts me through a day of 9-6, sometimes i dont feel the need to touch it up, i still feel the moisture all day even if its harsh cold weather outside or really windy

I get a lot of compliments from people saying i have glowing skin because no one suspects that its foundation. its healing and antiaging and argan oil makes my face baby soft. 

Many people find it hard to believe it will actually match their skin colour (that was me too) but it completely matches my neck colour and ive never found a better matching foundation...ever. If youre worried about a powder to set the foundation that matches your skin and are having the same trouble, josie maran also has a matchmaking foundation powder thats the same concept as the foundation: one shade will change to match all. ive never tried it though so i cant really tell you about it. 

Also there is a good deal right now for a starter kit for some of her products! The FULL size matchmaking foundation is $55 but if you get this kit for $64 you get a FULL size argan oil and FULL size matchmaking foundation along with a great illuminizer and daily moisturizer and a one time sample of her clenser. i have this kit, i love everything in it. its well worth the money. http://www.sephora.com/nourishing-argan-matchmaker-complexion-set-P377566?skuId=1477702

Anyways i hope this helps. its just a random suggestion that i think you should try. Please try a sample first though, it doesnt work for everyone, but for you to give it a fair chance use a primer. i really hope you at least try it. It may not be for everyone, many people complain its not enough coverage, i find i get enough but im also a medium dark colour so i find its more pigmented since the colour is darker. give it a try, get a sample. i love this foundation~ makes my skin baby soft! 

i hope this really helps you! try a sample Smiley Very Happy i love it <3 and since youre looking for light - medium coverage it wont be a problem!

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