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Liquid Foundation for my (drier) combination skin?
I'm in my mid 20s and am starting to see some fine lines. I have combination skin that is on the slightly drier side. I'm currently using BareMinerals foundation with a Smashbox primer and concealer but I'm noticing that my foundation is looking a little flaky on the bridge of my nose and around my smile lines and chin. I'm thinking of switching to a liquid. My only concern is that the foundation will transfer onto my clothes, phone etc. Are there any stay put foundations that are moisturizing but not to the point of it getting greasy? I exfoliate and moisturize regularly. Help please! Smiley Happy
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You may want to try Clinique's Superbalanced Makeup which is an oil-free liquid foundation that adds moisture and subtracts oil where needed.  You can find it at:;jsessionid=1H1KSPRYBZXUCCV0KSGAX0Q?id=P122740&categoryId...

If you prefer powder makeup, there is also a powder form called Clinique Superbalanced Powder Makeup SPF 15 that you can find at:;jsessionid=1H1KSPRYBZXUCCV0KSGAX0Q?id=P246911&categoryId...

I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

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